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What's not to like about Web Orders. The customer is having fun doing the ticket entry. Your staff is not tied up taking orders on the phone. Everybody's happy. Win-Win.

If Life Were Only That Easy

Fact, people do not want to place an order on the web.

Fact, Very few web ordering sites are proficient.

Fact, If not done correctly you can lose more than you stand to gain.

Consider This

75% of online consumers will leave a site rather than suffer delays

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience

75% will leave a website when a page takes longer than 2 seconds to load.

More important than having web ordering capability is just having a mobile optimized website with your menu and hours of operation. It amazes me how many restaurants, in the 21st Century, do not have a website or PoS software. If you have a website how well does it render on a mobile phone? Try viewing on your mobile. Or just try this if you're using a desktop browser. Drag one edge of your Browser window and make the Browser about 3-4 inches wide.

You hear the stories. So and so is receiving 30% of their orders via the web. That means they have a fairly decent online ordering system. It also means they have a problem with phone orders.

Who' Online Ordering Sucks Most?

Pizza Hut?


Papa John's

All or the Above

How Hard Can It Be?

To Beat These Guys...
You Don't Have to Be Great

In my survey the very few that chose to order a pizza online, when asked why, responded their preference is due to issues involving placing an order by phone.

I've been writing PoS software for over 20 years. I know what is difficult to do. I can find the weak point in a PoS package within minutes. I have yet to find an online ordering website with the functionality of PoS software. Even the best still have problems. Internet outages, Web Server crashes, and most common, those intermittent bugs that are impossible to fix. And the finger pointing begins, and never ends.

How does the website get the orders to the store. Most either use fax or email. Some will send it to a printer connected through the web. Ideally the web order will be transmitted directly to the store PoS terminal.

The problem here is how long does it take for someone at the store to realize an order has come in. What if there is a failed transmission? What if the fax runs out of paper? Too often the store first learns about an order is when the customer calls asking where is their food.

Another problem is usability. Is it really necessary for me to create an account? Am I going to remember my user name and password? If I'm placing an order for pick up, is it necessary to require my home address, credit card, and billing address? Even if it's delivery maybe I'd rather pay the delivery driver with cash. So why do they always require a credit card. I'm better off phoning it in.

Web orders have to trade functionality with ease of use. In my experience very few Web Designers know how to make a website easy or functional. Pizza PoS is as tough as it gets. Half and Half Specialty pizzas. Buy one get one. Take your pick of an appetizer, entree, desert, and beverage for two.

The biggest problem with many online sites is they allow the customer to make mistakes. A common one is choosing two options that conflict e.g. both thin and thick crust.

When Conditions Turn Grim, Opportunity Knocks

The Web has come a long way in the past 15 years. Technically, when you take a real close look, it's a huge mess. Why does it work? No one has very high expectations. When something goes wrong, oh well. Just forget it and move along.

Most people don't even know when something is going wrong and they know less about what it is that is going wrong. If things appear to be fine, I know where to look and find problems others would never notice.

The key to success on the web as with most everything else. Keep it simple. Make it useable.

Will the concept of simple and usable catch on? I once thought it was possible.

We are on the cusp of a new era. The radio, TV, PC, Internet, and now Mobile. Mobile is going to change the world as much if not more than any of the aforementioned historic eras.

How do we fix it? Where do we begin? The majority of you can start with your menu. Simplify. I have seen a lot of menus over the years. Most are too big and offer too many choices. Run your PoS menu item sales report and eliminate the bottom 20% of the items that are not selling.

This Essay written by Patrick Young
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