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The way people find you is changing. Restaurant owners need to understand this.

Where are people when they get hungry? Are they sitting at home in front of their computer? Not likely. Most people are in transit from one place to another.

According to a study done by Microsoft Research, 12% are at home.

Home 12%
Work 2%
Car/Bus 64%
Walking 11%
Other 11%

Your Website MUST Be Mobile Friendly

NO Exceptions

If You Don't Believe It

From The Google Search Team
Feb. 14th, 2012

A whopping 62% of total US searches for popular national chain restaurants on Valentine's Day occurred on high end mobile devices or tablets.

88% of the Time, No One is Home

They are Searching for You on Their Mobile

When Hungry People are Searching for a Place to Eat,
Who Will They Find?
You??? Or Someone Else?

If You're Not There How Will They Find You?

What Makes a Website Mobile Friendly?

Not Simple Nor Easy

Small Web Pages that Load Fast

No, None, Nada, Zero, Zip, HTML or CSS Errors Allowed

Using HTML that will render on nearly every phone

Fewer Web Page elements

Fluid Web Page Width.

Mobile Fluid width Web Page

Example Fluid Width Mobile Page in Windows Browser with Width set as narrow as the Start Button area.

Find Out Why So Few Opt for Online
Innovative Uses of Technology For Restaurants

Even the above points are stated in very simplistic terms. It would take a not book to explain what it really means. There is a lot more than the above, but it gets so technical less than 1% would understand.

We will provide a simple Mobile Friendly Web Site for All Bonus Pos Users.

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Website Mobile Web Hosting

Mobile Friendly Website Design

We Host and Manage

You Own And Control

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Prototype HTML5 Mobile App
Both Mobile & Desktop Online Ordering

Online Orders HTML5 Mobile App

Looked for Acceptable Online Ordering
No Existing Online Sites Measure Up to Bonus Standards

Web Direct To Ticket

No Fax, No Email, No Manual Re-Entry
Triple Redundant Checks, No Lost Orders

No Tiny Check Boxes, Mobile Friendly

Great on Smart Phones, Fantastic on Desktop Browsers

Online Order Toppings

If You are Considering Online Ordering, Think Carefully

Very Few WANT to Order Online

Where are You going to find an online ordering site that won't lose your clientele?

Find Out Why So Few Opt for Online
Innovative Uses of Technology For Restaurants

Window is Wide Open

Just Look What a Disaster It is Out There

If Pizza Hut with their resources, and given their major focus on mobile. Their mobile website is a disaster. Their Desktop website is a disaster.

Studies say people want web pages to load within 2 seconds. On the Pizza Hut site once you select a store then click on Get Started, over 28 seconds later after 164 page elements, taking 1.8 MB, the web page is finally ready to take an order. That is insane.

Domino's and Papa John's are better, but nowhere near good enough. They all have big problems with their websites.

Let's compare their websites. Looking at page loads, syntactical page design errors, mobile friendliness, and usability errors.

W3C HTML Validator Samples

Check Using W3C
HTML Markup Validator

Check Using W3C
HTML Markup Validator

Check Using W3C
HTML Markup Validator

W3C Mobile OK Validator

Check Using W3C
Mobile OK Validator

Check Using W3C
Mobile OK Validator

Check Using W3C
Mobile OK Validator

Pizza Software's Home Page is 99% Mobile Friendly. The 1% off the mark is due to the 1 image on the page. The W3C Mobile OK Validator is very strict. It's a little too much to ask to keep a web page under 20K when, for example, Pizza Hut and Domino's pages are well over 400 times more bloated.

Domino's both technically and in usability sucked the least out of these 3. Their process is more streamlined requiring fewer clicks. Domino's had few really dumb mistakes. Domino's store locator requires a street address for a carry out order. A few very small images that took from 2.6-4.5 seconds to load.

Papa John's was worse. On mobile page the store locator was not functional. For carry out you could look up by city and state or zip code. This page wanted both, but would clear the city and state if a zip code were entered and would wipe the zip code if city and state were enter but mistakenly wanted both.

And Pizza Hut, a disaster, unbelievably screwed up.

The Desktop Browser or Mobile Browser

For a restaurant the mobile browser is indisputably much more important than the desktop browser.

A person is 5-6 times more likely to be away from home when they get hungry.

Your lowest cost and possibly the best source of new customers is a mobile Website. You need a mobile Website and you need one Now.

The mobile optimized Website is a very complex subject. Too complex to explain. There are some easier explanations in terms of what is required. As in Simple and Usable. There are so many different mobile devices, the mobile software that operates the phone, and mobile browsers. Each combination has different capabilities.

There are many way to approach the mobile web. My approach is the lowest common denominator. Make the site work on the simplest web enabled phone and it will work on all the others. Even that is not simple. There are very few Web Designers that understand the mobile web. It is too technical to grasp.

I researched mobile website design for the past year. If you are viewing this site on a mobile phone you already understand not many sites are mobile friendly. Like Pizza Hut, I tested the Pizza Hut mobile site for mobile friendliness using the W3C Mobile OK Validator. On a scale of zero to 100, they score a zero.

Mili-Seconds Count

There are many ongoing studies that track the "user experience" with respect to page load time. I know this. Obviously Pizza Hut, Domino's and Papa John's do not. Why is that? These guys know the importance of the Web and especially the mobile web, where the mobile web is going its evolution. On August 18, 2010, Pizza Hut announced they believe in the near future 50% of their orders will originate from a mobile device. I think they are wrong. I think it will be more than 50%.

Somewhere in these corporations, there is a disconnect between the boardroom and the web design team.

Two companies that watch their own page load times very closely as a matter of survival. Google and Amazon. Google watches search result page load time and how many abandon their search when pages load slower. Amazon relates page load time to sales, as in how slow page loads lose sales. Their finds are astonishing. My guess for Pizza Hut they probably lose almost all their online customers.

Yahoo also found that a 400ms slower page would see 5-9% more people leave before the page finished loading.

Google Search found that a 400 millisecond delay resulted in a -0.59% change in searches/user.

Another study by Google found that an extra 500ms in loading time resulted in 20% drop in traffic.

For every 100ms increase in load time of decreased sales by 1%

If your site is 3 seconds or slower you could have lost almost half your visitors.

At peak traffic times, more than 75% of online consumers left for a competitor's site rather than suffer delays

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience


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