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Text Messaging, Thinking Out of The Box

There is a very good reason Neilsen has reported, since 2008, voice calls have consistently declined while SMS Text continues to sky rocket.  Text is inexpensive, reliable, and capable technology.  Providing innovative solutions to many operational issues.

Innovation and Forward Thinking

It's natural to view  text strictly as a mobile phone application.  This is the thinking that keeps it in the box.  Take it out of the little box (mobile phone), put it on your desktop. Put it on your website. 

Text may be used to improve efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately improve profits. 

Bonus PoS has many creative uses for Text may take some time to percolate.  Keep an open mind.

1. 12 Wings 7.99
well done
all flat
2. Lrg Pizza $16.35
tom sauce
sms Text Server

Exclusive Only with Bonus PoS

The Restaurant Bonus, Bonus PoS Text

The Bonus PoS Workstation's SMS Device

The Inexpensive Feature with Big Returns

SMS GPRS for Bonus PoS

Big Returns From A Little Box, Only With Bonus PoS

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Text Direct to Ticket

Text Menu Codes to 954-806-5678


TextMenu ItemsLunchDinner
CCMChicken Chow Mein 5.507.50
PCMRoast Pork Chow Mein 5.507.50
BCMBeef Chow Mein5.507.50
SCMShrimp Chow Mein5.507.50
CEFChicken Egg Foo Young5.507.50
PEFRoast Pork Egg Foo Young5.507.50
CBChicken Broccoli5.757.75
PBRoast Pork Broccoli5.757.75
MGPMoo Goo Gai Pan5.757.75
GTCGeneral Tso's Chicken5.758.50
HCHunan Chicken5.758.50
HBHunan Beef5.758.50
BCBourbon Chicken5.758.50
SCSesame Chicken5.758.50

Delivery and Takeout Order Accuracy

Text Kitchen Confirmation Ticket To Customer

Solution to Industry Wide Problem, Order Accuracy

Reduce Delivery and Takeout Errors
Text Ticket for Confirmation

1. 12 Wings 7.99
well done
all flat
2. Lrg Pizza $16.35
tom sauce

Text Direct to Ticket

Use Ticket# and Item# to Re-Order

Texting 21501 2 will reorder the Large Pizza

The Customer will always have their phone with them.
All Kitchen Ticket Confirmation Text Messages will
be stored under your SMS Device Phone.
This makes it easy to reorder using past items.

Items from multiple Tickets can be used in the same Re-Order Text Message.

Text Message Generates Ticket, No Manual Entry Required.

Dispatch, Driver, Customer
Unified Communications

Driver Assigned Deliveries
Advanced Routing Optimization assists Dispatch
Dispatch estimates Driver Return Time
Driver Sent Text for Each Delivery

2nd Delivery
Michael Johnson
3485 W Mill Rd


Driver Text Message Includes Web Link
Driver Taps Link Upon Completing Delivery
Link brings up Mobile Browser
Ticket Number is Posted to Web Server
Web Server sends Text to Bonus PoS
Dispatch's Estimated Time updated to Actual
Driver Return Time Estimate Updated
Oven to Door Timing Updated
Next Delivery Customer is Sent...

Text Notifications
Smart & Fast Transactions

Managing Customer Expectations

Improving Driver Efficiency and
Ultimately Creating Highly Satisfied Customers

Your delivery will arrive shortly
The driver is en route to you
Enjoy your meal

Amount Due $37.85

Driver's Delivery Notification triggers Unified Communications
to send a Delivery Notification to Driver's Next Delivery Customer

New Sizzling Hot Feature
Oven to Door Timing

THE Way to Delivery Pizza

Unified Communications, Dispatch Timing Feeds
Oven to Door Timing which Signals Into the Oven Time
Pizzas are Coming out of the Oven as Driver Returns
Every Pizza Is on the Way Within Minutes of Being Boxed
Every Customer is Highly Satisfied Receiving a Piping Hot Pizza

A lot can be learned by someone that likes hot pizza fresh out of the oven. Pizza delivery more times than not, creates disappointment, when a cold pizza is delivered.

One that wants a hot fresh out of the oven pizza must order Takeout. Then arrive before pizza comes out of the oven.

Paying in advance then waiting for the pizza to come out of the oven. While waiting one can observe why delivered pizzas are so disappointing.

Pizzas are prepared and put in the oven with total disregard for when a driver may be available to deliver.

So many pizza, sit waiting to be delivered. So many disappointed customers. There must be a better way.

Prep the pizza and hold off putting it in the oven until the time is right. Driver Delivery Notifications updates driver return and availability time with impeccable precision. Pizzas timed with such precision, the drivers returns through the door as as the pizzas come out of the oven.

The Driver Delivery Notifications eliminate driver check in. The Delivery Dispatch Texts the Driver the delivery route. The driver is ready to go the instant the pizzas are in the box.

Text Payment and Request For Payment

PayPal has a very simple and easy way to request and send money via SMS Text.

The the Point of Sale terminal can Text PayPal a request for payment. 

To: 72975
Msg: get 10 from: 2125551981

Ideally the request would be a PayPal mobile SMS Get money request. But...

To: 72975
Msg: send 10.99 to 2125551981

Alternatively a text to the customer with the amount would allow them to perform a simple SMS Send Money Text. 

Auto Survey with
Auto Data Collection

What grade would you give us on your delivery experience today?
A B C D or F
Comments are Welcome
Thank You

Let Bonus PoS Do All the Work

Survey automatically generated, Results Collected and Compiled. Effortless Quality Control Reports.

Text Reminders
Improve Visit Frequency

How R U?
We miss U
Order by txt
txt the word "items"
and rcv the txt codes 4 ur recent items
We appreciate your business

Best Text Marketing Tool Available
Best Redemption Rate vs. Any Media

Auto-Responder Keywords

Auto Responder Keyword Database

Text HAPPY 954-806-5678 to
receive the latest special

This One Feature is Worth $ Thousands
See Why

The Methods and Cost
For Traditional Text Marketing

Example of Short Code Promotion

For More on Text Marketing Web Click This Link
Innovative Uses of Technology For Restaurants

Time and Distance Without Internet

Bonus PoS SMS Text Gets Times and Distance for Routing

Directions Without Internet

Bonus PoS SMS Text Gets Driver Directions

Text From Web to PC to Mobile Phone

A Working Example of Text Use
Not Found Anywhere Else

Not Found in Any Software, Not in Any Industry, No Where in The World but Here

Enter Your mobile number above, then click "Try It" below.

your mobile receive text message rates apply

When you click the "Try It" button: The mobile number is checked against a database of valid mobile numbers.

The Short Description

Website Sends Text Direct to Bonus PoS Workstation
Bonus PoS Sends Text to You

The Long Description

Just like Bonus PoS, It appears simple
Because there is more than meets the eye.

If the entered number cannot be identified as a valid mobile number, a descriptive message is displayed and not further actions are taken.

If it's a valid mobile number the number is sent via text, with the key word "try", a numeric value, and a Text Message to the mobile number of a Bonus PoS workstation.

This Web Form is embedded with the keyword, a numeric value, and text message. The keyword is TRY, the numeric value is zero (keeping it simple), and the text message is the name of this page to identify the source of the message when received by the Bonus PoS workstation.

The Bonus PoS workstation is equipped with a mobile SMS Text Device. The message is received by the Bonus PoS workstation directly from the cellular tower. Similar to a receiving a text on a mobile phone.

Website Transmits Message to Bonus PoS

The Bonus PoS workstation's receiving Mobile Device stores the message in a numbered incoming message storage location. A data packet is fed to the Bonus PoS SMS State machine.

All data received by from the mobile device is immediately transferred to the SMS State Machine Queue.

The SMS State machine decodes the received data. The “try” incoming message is recognized as an incoming message storage location, and the storage location is stored in the Receive Queue.

As soon as the SMS State Machine completes its current task it will process the next record in the Receive Queue. The Receive Queue has the highest priority because incoming storage locations are limited.

The SMS State Machine retrieves the receive storage location from the Receive Queue and creates Data Block with the highest Transmit Queue priority which will transmit a command to the mobile device to read in the received message. If there are other transmit jobs in the Transmit Queue they will have lower priority and the command to read the receive message will be positioned to the next Transmit Data Block to be processed.

The SMS State Machine Copies the Transmit Queue to the Transmit Data Block and Sends it to the Bonus PoS SMS Device

The SMS Device Feeds the Incoming Text Message to the SMS State Machine

The SMS State Machine Decodes the Incoming Message and Transfers it to the SMS Pre-Processor.

The Receive Location is now added to the Clear Receive Location Queue.

The Stored Received message is not Cleared until the Incoming Message is positively received. This is an safety guard feature to eliminate the possibility of a lost incoming message. Even if a catastrophic failure event, such as power failure, were to occur at any time during the process.

Received Message is Processed and Saved

The Pre-Processor looks up the mobile number entered on the Website in the Phone Number database, if found the Phone Numbers's ID, Class, Attributes, Priority and Profile ID are added to the data block. If the Mobile Number was not assigned these parameters the associated Profile is retrieved. The Data Block is then populated with the Profile's parameters.

The Pre-Processor creates a data block. A data block contains:

These are example Class Parameters for a Profile

Examples of Attribute Parameters

A Data block can contain 32 Attributes, 32 Classes, 8 Priority Levels, 4 Tokens. All other Data Block Fields are singular.

The Pre-Processor then extracts the keyword, numeric value and text message from the incoming SMS packet and stores them in the Data Block. phone number, and contact association.

When the log record is successfully added to the database the message is removed from the Queue.

If anywhere in this process the Bonus PoS workstation were to lose power, as soon as Bonus PoS is re-started the process picks up where it was at the time of the loss of power.

Key Word Processor

The Data Block is sent to the Keyword Processor and a duplicate of the Data Block is sent to the Event Processor.

The keyword processor looks up the keyword TRY in the keyword database.

If the keyword was not found, the Text message gets the word “NO RESPONSE:” added to the beginning of the message, is time stamped and stored in the contact table.

If the Data Block does not have Profile ID the Keyword's Profile ID is added.

The Keyword's Attributes are added to the Data Block

The Text message gets the word “RESPONDED:” added to the beginning of the message.

Response Message is Pre-Processed

The Data Block's Message is Replaced with the Keyword's Message and added to the Send Message Queue.

The Send Message Routine then process this new Queue Record in the order in which it was received. A single entity is required for technical reasons to add stability and apply standards to all outgoing messages. All outgoing messages must first pass through the Send Message Routine.

The Send Message Routine modifies the Attributes, Priority, Class, parameters when necessary.

The Data Block's Command is set to Transmit as Normal Text Message. This is the Command as defined by the type of mobile device that is being used to transmit the SMS Message to the Cell Tower.

The Text Message is formatted. Characters not allowed in a Text message are removed, consecutive spaces are removed, character substitutions are made to Tab, Line Feed, and Carriage Return characters when necessary.

If message length is greater than 160, it is intelligently broken into messages of 160 characters or less. Never breaks a word in to parts, always breaks on a space.

The Transmit Queue Priority is set based on the Message's parameters.

The Data Block's Command is set to Transmit.

The first message Data Block is Added to the Transmit Queue

Response Message Sent

The Keyword Response message for the keyword TRY is transmitted to the cellular tower as if it was a mobile phone.

The SMS state machine waits for the cell tower to return an acknowledgment.

Upon reception of the acknowledgment The message is copied from the Queue to a contact log database record, along with the embedded attributes

Technical Details

The Previous Was a Non-Technical Overview of
The Simplest Task for an SMS Text Device

Sending and Receiving SMS Text Messages is not easy to do right.

The difficult part is creating a stable and reliable SMS State Machine.

We had functional software running within hours of receiving the first SMS Device a couple of years ago. The first Text App could send a message to thousands of mobile numbers.

Within a day the Text App could reply with a respond to a keyword.

More reliable than an iPhone the first week.

One of the first round of tests was creating five single letter keywords. The keywords were Y, U, I, O, and P. The reason these were chosen was they are the keys closest to the iPhone's Send Text button.

Both short (1 letter) and long (160 characters) messages were created for these letters.

The test procedure was to send as many single letter keywords as possible per minute. It did not take long to get the timing down.

It did not take long to find a few bugs in the Text App.

Then Things Got Interesting

Sometime in the first week the iPhone would crash during testing. As the Text App would start sending the keyword response messages, the responses would be coming back, but without letting up the keyword letters kept going out.

This would go on until the iPhone crashed and needed to be reset. Those test runs would last 3-4 minutes or about 40-50 messages. Then it would take about that long to get the iPhone operational again. The iPhone could be crashed repeatedly.

SMS Device
Technical Detail

Delivery Drivers

Keep the Pizza Hot

I usually pick up my pizza because I want it hot out of the oven. The way it's done now, the pizza goes in the oven ASAP, then sits on the rack until a driver gets to it. That's unacceptable to me. So I have a way to know exactly when the driver will be walking through the door. This way the in the oven time can be sychronized with the driver's return.

It is often necessary to keep in contact with their delivery drivers. Driving and Texting is too dangerous. What if you send a question to your driver in the format of multiple choice or Yes - No. Each answer choice is a web link embedded in the Text Message.

The Driver has only to tap the screen to respond.

Tapping the link brings up the phone's mobile Browser. The Text Link contains a webpage, and data that gets "posted" to the webpage. Your website receives the answer and transmits the answer via SMS.

This works very well for taxi cab dispatch where the dispatcher typically only needs to know if the driver accepts or rejects the fare transmitted to them. The fare is sent to the driver by the dispatch software and the answer can be sent via SMS directly to the dispatch software which reacts accordingly.

SMS can track driver deliveries where you do not want to deal with the complexities and expense of a GPS system. All you need to do is send the driver a text message with a link for each delivery destination. This works well for pizza delivery. As the driver is returning to his vehicle after making a delivery he taps the link which sends a message confirming the delivery.

To take this a step further the pizza store's Point of Sale software can generate the linked message and receive the delivery confirmations. The PoS system can then determine when to expect the driver to return for more deliveries. The PoS can then tell the pizza cook when to put the next deliveries pizzas in the oven so they are coming out of the oven as the driver walks in the door. These delivery confirmations provide better estimates when informing customers when they can expect their food to be delivered.

The PoS can send a copy of the kitchen ticket to the customer via SMS for order accuracy confirmation. As the driver confirms deliveries, the PoS can then send an SMS delivery time updates to customers with amazing accuracy. asing efficiency and customer satisfaction. This is all done by the PoS software with no human intervention required.

New Uses for New Services

Maps Routing Without Internet

So how does the PoS software know how much time it will take the driver to get from one address to another. This is easy. Sent the two addresses to Google's SMS service and it will respond with the mileage, driving time, and directions. This is good for fairly accurate estimations. Coupled with the driver updates with the actual delivery times the subsequent estimated times become much more accurate.

Because the pizza PoS is equipped with a GPRS SMS modem it can also do the keyword response marketing, sending of special offers, and provide a customer and employee communications channel that can lighten the load on voice calls.

For More on Text Marketing Web Click This Link
Innovative Uses of Technology For Restaurants

New Uses For Existing Technology

Application of New Technology

I've been contemplating use of SMS for a few years now and a plethora of uses have percolated.

A few years ago I received an email offering a service of translating orders sent via Text Message to Fax. This stuck in my mind for days as What a Dumb idea! Who would want to place an order by Text? Then it occurred to me that maybe I'm missing something. I need an opinion from someone with an opposing viewpoint from mine as an old fart that does not text.

My daughter can type 80 words a minute on an iPhone (yes, there's an app for that). I've seen her texting with her friend that was standing 6 feet away in the same room, and I see message counts in the thousands on the mobile phone statement.

I asked her one multiple choice question. How would you rather order a pizza? By phone, online, or Text? Without any hesitation, with a facial expression that asks; Why do you ask a question with such an obvious answer? Text.

I have since presented that question to hundreds of others. The overwhelming answer across all age groups is Text. Another surprising tidbit, almost no one answered online.

My stand on Fax is unwavering, 1980's technology, get rid of it.
Now I grasp text, it's the receiving a fax that seems so lame.

Find Out Why So Few Opt for Online
Innovative Uses of Technology For Restaurants

Email became available in the early nineties. It took some time before email was taken seriously as a business tool. What year did your company start using email or have a website domain name? Would it have impact on your business if your email and website were shut down? SMS is evolving in a similar pattern as email and websites did in the late nineties.

Seize Opportunities of Change

Window of Opportunity Now Open

There is a reason, according to Nielsen's audits of 60,000 phone bills, mobile voice minutes have been on the decline since 2008, and the number of SMS messages are sky rocketing. This is due to the efficiency of SMS over a voice call. While SMS could be a tremendous benefit to business, this trend is currently associated mostly with personal communications.

Think of how email is used in your operations. Apply the functional uses of email to SMS. In many instances SMS is superior.

Think of how the telephone is used. SMS can be used to better manage many traditional telephone orientated business activities much more efficiently. Many times the telephone is used to get an answer to a single question e.g. What time is my appointment? Or to relay a single piece of information e.g. I'll be 10 minutes late for my appointment.

The key to success with SMS marketing is getting the opt in. The offer based text will be met with resistance. Many, incorrectly, correlate an SMS opt-in to email SPAM.

When SMS is used as an integral component of business operations the collection of mobile numbers for use in marketing takes a leap forward.

SMS can even provide benefits those that do not like to send Text. The benefit comes in the form of received messages. We are all too familiar with telephone tag. I have found a way SMS can alleviate this problem. Sometimes I cannot immediately take a call. When I become available rather than engage in telephone tag, I send a Text to someone that had recently called alerting them I am now available to take their call. Nearly every time the phone rings within 60 seconds. Win Win whether they text or not.

I have refined this scenario. When I am on another line and somebody I know calls on another line I would quickly answer and say “I'll call you back” then hang up and continue my conversion. Now I say I'll text you when when I'm off the other line”.

That does not work well when the caller is unknown to me. 80% of my calls are from new prospects or clients I do not know very well. And it seems they all like to call at the same time. I do not like being put on hold and I therefore do not like to put others on hold.

Adding New to Old

When the Sum is Greater Than the Two

I have been using Caller ID to help identify callers using database look ups of the callers number since 1993. Now if the caller is not in my contact database I use another to look up the callers carrier, city and state. This will help determine if it is a mobile or landline and if I can respond via text. Where I would ask unknown caller to call me back now if possible, I ask them if they would like me to text them when I'm available.

I am greatly helped by using software that integrates my PBX with a GPRS / SMS modem. The GPRS modem is attached to a USB port which allows me to send a Text Message based on the Caller ID received from the PBX using Windows software.

What good are reminders in your contact management app when you are not in the office or near the PC? My reminders are sent to me via SMS. I can respond to a reminder which will update the contact management database.

Embrace New Technology

Fight It and You Get Hurt

I read a lot about mobile. Too often I read comments about the limitation of 160 characters for a text message. What about breaking a long message into multiple text messages. This actually works very well, especially on mobile phones with a decent sized display.

I tested this concept by pasting a chapter from an online book into my Windows Texting app and sending it to my mobile phone. The breaks in the message are done intelligently. I was able to read the chapter as each text messages was received.

It worked so well I now text myself articles I don't have time to read at the moment and read them on my mobile when time allows such as on an airplane. Now part of my trip preparation is to copy a book from my Safari Online Book subscription, text it to my phone so I reduce my idle downtime while traveling.

When someone asks a question via text where I have to Google the answer, I will paste the response into the Windows Texting Software to transmit the response back to them.

This can be applied to Customer Service, Help Desks, Product Catalogs, User Manuals and Newsletters, to name a few. I have used the Texting Software's keyword auto-responder capabilities to create an interactive text response system for product help files. My customers can now access user guides by sending the subject keyword and get the information sent to them via Text.

What's Your Fax Number?

It's the 21st Century, No Fax Allowed

If you still have a fax number on your business card or marketing literature, stop. TXT: is the new FAX: Text is the new business communications channel.

On my websites in the Contact window the first contact number is now my Text Number. I prefer text, the phone is too intrusive. For example mine says send the word MOBILE to 954-328-3333.

A mobile optimized website complements SMS very well. Sending a web link in the Text message is a great way for a smart phone SMS recipient to access the web. I sometimes send web links to my phone so I will not have to type in the URL.

For More on the Mobile Web Click This Link
Innovative Uses of Technology For Restaurants

If the pizza store is part of a multi-location operation, sales figures can be transmitted to headquarters via SMS at scheduled times or on demand. Phone orders could be taken at a central location and the orders transmitted directly to the store's PoS system without the store having to re-input the order from an email or fax. The same goes for online orders. The web server can transmit the order via SMS directly to the PoS system.

Prior to delivery the customer could be sent a link to a website for payment via an online or mobile payment system such as PayPal. The way this could be done with PayPal would be to setup a typical e-commerce website. The PoS system posts the order total similar to a user placing an online order and proceeding to the checkout.

My theory regarding why so few people opt to order a pizza online is because it is much easier just to tell someone what you want rather than go through the hassles associated with online ordering. When someone would answer they prefer to order pizza online, I would ask why. Most often the response was a complaint regarding phone ordering such as busy signals and long hold times. This tells me that if a restaurant receives a percentage of online orders above the norm, this is due to a deficiency with their phone orders.

The PayPal payment method allows the customer to place the order by phone and opt to pay via PayPal. PayPal also has a payment service that can be completed using only SMS. Send a text message to PayPal's short code (729725) with the word “get” or “send” followed by the amount to request money (get) or make a payment (send), followed by the word “to” and their mobile number.

The PoS system sends a money request to PayPal by sending a message to 729725 (PAYPAL). The Message is just: get x.xx from yyyyyyyyyy where x.xx is the amount and yyyyyyyyyy is their mobile number. The customer can pay using any of PayPal's payment methods including a SMS message.

It would be nice if PayPal would allow customers to extend a “line of credit” to your store. This would allow a customer to authorize your store to debit the customer's PayPal account up to a customer specified limit, where the transaction payment can be guaranteed without the customer's immediate confirmation.

An advantage of using SMS for M2M communications is in the security and reliability of the SMS communications channel. SMS does not require SSL security certificates as websites do, does not require encryption and authentication as email does. Internet based communications has reliability issues. SMS does not. Internet based communications has security issues. SMS does not. There are no reported breech of security, from a reputable source, that security vulnerabilities exist with SMS or eavesdropping on mobile voice conversations.


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