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Take a Breath
Slow It Down
This is Important

Bonus PoS is About Solutions

We Did the Research
We Found The Issues
We Created the Solutions

Take Your Time
Take It In

Focus on YOUR World

Not World Events

You may not be able to change the world.

You can change yours.

No matter what goes on in the world,
you need to concentrate on your own little world.

No matter how bad things get in the big world,
FOCUS on what YOU have to do to keep YOUR world in order.

Everything On This Page is

About Scientific Facts

Everything On This Page is

About You

Everything On This Page is

About Opportunity

It's About YOUR Opportunity

Restaurants Unaffected by Recession

The Myth Stops Here!

It's Not The Economy

According to the US Dept. of Commerce, Restaurants have not had a bad year in a long long time.

From U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

Restaurants Are Golden, See For Yourself

Purchased Meals and Beverages has always increased MORE than overall personal consumption

Personal Consumption Expenditures (in blue) is the Baseline.

This blue line represents how the amount money people have had to spend has changed since 2005.

If you are selling recreational goods and vehicles, business is down.

If you sell meals and beverages, business should be fantastic.

The US Government tracks how people spend their money.

Collectively, Restaurants always do well.

Individually, it's up to You. Do it right, or do everyone a favor, close your doors.

FACT: People want someone to make their meals for them.

If You Can't Do It Right

With the Right Tools

Don't Do It At All

Your World Is Changing
Now Your World Needs Order, Now It's Time To Focus

Customer Expectations are Higher than Ever.

Customers want it Fast.

Customers what what they order, No Mistakes.

And they want you to smile while you get them their food fast and accurately.

Bonus PoS, Indisputably, the Best Ticket

The Ticket To The Top

The Fastest Ticket

The Accurate Ticket

PoS That Will Make You Smile All Day Long

Smile All the Way to the Bank

Any PoS can print a Ticket. Not all (not any) can do it better than Bonus PoS.

Why? Just like you need to do, We put in the extra effort.

It's the little things, the things you will never notice. So many little things, when you add them up, it makes a BIG difference.

We did not stop there. We added features you will not find in any other PoS software.

With Just a Little More Effort
You Can Make So Much More Money!

What is One Customer Worth?
$10? $100? $1000? $10,000?

Pinch a Penny, Lose $10,000

Spend a Penny, Earn $10,000

Bonus PoS, An Investment That Pays Off With A 1586 X Bonus!

Keeping or Losing a Customer is Like
Doubling a Penny Every Day for a Month

$0.01 Doubled Each Day = $10 Million in 31 Days

Week 1 $0.01 $0.02 $0.04 $0.08 $0.16 $0.32 $0.64
Week 2 $1.28 $2.56 $5.12 $10.24 $20.48 $40.96 $81.92
Week 3 $163.84 $327.68 $655.36 $1,310.72 $2,621.44 $5,242.88 $10,485.76
Week 4 $20,971.52 $41,943.04 $83,886.08 $167,772.16 $335,544.32 $671,088.64 $1,342,177.28
Day 29-31 $2,684,354.56 $5,368,709.12 $10,737,418.24

Don't Be Short Sighted

Turn Today's Pennies In To $Millions

If You Only Keep One More Customer Each Day

If You Only Get One More Customer Each Day

It Will Be Worth A Million

Don't Stop There

Bonus PoS Will Help You Keep More Customers

Bonus PoS Will Help You Get More Customers

Bonus PoS Will Get More Customers to Spend More Each Visit

Bonus PoS Will Get More Customers to Visit More Often

Bonus PoS Will Help You Retain Your Customers Longer

Bonus PoS, So Much More Than Printing a Ticket

Learn The Value of Each Customer

How to Turn $1 in to $1,586.00

It's the little things that count.

Seconds Count.

Accuracy Counts.

The distance between Good and Great is not very far.

You need to think long term. Every customer you can keep highly satisfied will reap big rewards.

Harvard Business School did a study. This study is one that has made an impact. Highly acclaimed study. Other studies have found similar results.

Below is one Exhibit from this study. Exhibit 9.

Very similar to the way doubling a penny every day for a month, a highly satisfied customer make a big difference.

Exhibit 9 does not seem at first glance to be significant. When you examine the accumulative effect of these 3 columns, it becomes very clear.

From To Percent
Visits: 3.9 7.2 84%
Ticket: $3.88 $4.42 14%
Longevity: 1.1 4.4 655%

The table above shows the change from Unsatisfied to Highly Satisfied from Exhibit 9.

Below shows how each row in this table affects $1.

How $1 becomes $1,586.00, the Math

The Math is Simple Arithmetic

86.4% times 13.9% times 654.5%

100% of 1 = 1

A 50% increase = 150% or 1.5

The equation for 50% increase is 1 times (1 + 0.50),
The 1 + represents the original amount and the 0.50 is 50%.

$1.00 times (1 + 0.864) times (1+ 0.139) times (1 + 6.545)

Following the above calculation from left to upper right, down from yellow to green, to blue, to red.

Not as much as doubling a penny.
Starts with a dollar not a penny.
8 years not 31 days.
$1,586.00 not $10,737,418.00

$1 = $1,586.00 in 8 years

A $10 ticket customer = $15,840.00

A $50 Family Ticket becomes $79,200.00

The Bar is Not That High

When I say it's your fault you are not rolling dough. It's true.

The top 100 casual and fast casual franchise stores lose 3 out of every 4 new takeout customers*.

They get failing grades in

Phone Hold Time,
Product Knowledge,
Service Attitude,
and Overall Customer Impression*.

How hard can that be to beat?

The sad point, they are doing better than most.

* "Take-Out Brand Representation, Customer Service & Sales Performance Study", Clark S. Kincaid, PhD, Seyhmus Baloglu, PhD, George “Duke” Howard,
The Harrah Research Center, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration,
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Serena Bay Consulting, August 2010

The Top 100 Fast Casual Stores Lost 75% of Takeout Customers

Where Can You Beat The Big Boys?

Opportunity Knocks. Is Anybody Home?

A study of 1000 stores, statistically, is extremely relevant. Finding the top 104 casual and fast casual brands delivering mediocre takeout service and spelling out their vulnerabilities, priceless.

If you want to compete against the big boys as in the above survey how do you proceed? Do you have a chance? They are certainly giving you an opportunity.

The good news is you have a shot at 3 out of 4 of their takeout customers.

ALWAYS Answer Your Phone BEFORE the 3rd Ring

You cannot beat them in Promptness. You have to, where "have to" means anything less and you are losing the game. You must answer the phone before or on the second ring. The stores in the survey on average answered in 1.9 rings. If you hear your phone ring 3 times, it just cost you money. You should program your phones to change the ringing tone to the sound of money being flushed after the second ring.

NEVER Put a Customer on Hold

This is Where You Can Beat Them

Hold Time, you have the ability to beat the big boys. On average, they rank Poor at 51 seconds.

Do NOT think YOU can get away with putting a customer on hold for 50 Seconds

Remember, they lost 75% of these Customers

Expectations are very high, it will not be easy but they can be beat. What would you find as an acceptable hold time? If you think anything less than zero, you need an attitude adjustment. Always aim high.

Answer the phone before the third ring, and NEVER put them on hold. That is what the customers want. Put a customer on hold for 15 seconds or more, they will not be satisfied.


This is Where You Kill Them

Enthusiasm is very important in customer satisfaction. This could be the number one factor, slightly edging speed, maybe even accuracy. All three are at the top, above price and food quality.

The Big Boys failed in Enthusiasm with a score of 34%. Same with Service Attitude, and Overall Satisfaction.

These guys are making good money. Are You? Why Not? What's Your Excuse?
You have NO EXCUSE.

The survey was conducted lunch (11:30am - 1:30pm)
and dinner hour (5:30pm - 7:30pm)

What Is Acceptable?

How long is the customer willing to wait? How long is acceptable? Let's look at three metrics for phone in orders. Answer Promptness (Number of Rings), and Hold Time. What do you think? On a rating scale of Excellent, Good, Mediocre, Poor, and Unacceptable.

How would you rank the number of rings, all five rankings, Excellent to Unacceptable?

  1. 1 Rings
  2. 2 Rings
  3. 3 Rings
  4. 4 Rings
  5. 5 Rings
  6. 6 Rings
  7. 7 Rings
  8. 8 Rings
  9. More than 8 Rings

Now what about Hold Time?

  1. Zero Seconds
  2. 1 - 5 Seconds
  3. 6 - 10 Seconds
  4. 11 - 15 Seconds
  5. 16 - 30 Seconds
  6. 31 - 45 Seconds
  7. 46 - 60 Seconds
  8. 1 - 1.5 Minutes
  9. 1.5 - 2 Minutes
  10. 2 - 3 Minutes
  11. 3+ Minutes

The answers below are what the Harrah Research Center and University of Nevada, Las Vegas found in an August 2010 study. This is what your customers finds good and acceptable.

Number of Rings

1 ring = Excellent
2 rings = Good
3 rings = Mediocre
4 rings = Poor
5+ rings = Unacceptable

Hold Time

0 seconds = Excellent
1 – 5 seconds = Good
6 – 10 seconds = Mediocre
11 – 15 seconds = Poor
16+ seconds = Unacceptable

Where do you rate? What is your mean, median, and average number of rings and hold time?

Another Bonus PoS Bonus: Metrics

Bonus PoS Records Rings and Phone Time

Bonus PoS Records These Metrics

Number of Rings
Total Call Time
Time Order Entry Begins
Time Each Item Entered
Time Kitchen Ticket Printed
Time Receipt Printed
Time Kitchen Completed Ticket
Time Driver Left
Time Delivery Completed

This study surveyed the customers of casual dining, takeout customers at more than 1000 stores representing 104 top brands.

What If Hold Times and Rings Were Zero

Bonus PoS Can Achieve No Rings, No Hold Time

How? By Giving the Customer What They Want.

What Do They Want?
Ask Them.
Here is what to ask:

Q: How would you prefer to order a Pizza?

A. By Phone

B. Online

C. Text

The results may surprise you.
Almost no one answered Online.
A very small percentage Phone.
The overwhelming majority? The Answer is Text.

Another Bonus PoS Bonus: Text Orders

Unified Communications

With Your New SMS Texting System

Do Not Make Mistakes

Order Accuracy. Mistakes costs you a lot. Let's say you only make two mistakes per 100 deliveries. Industry wise that's not bad. That's twice as good as the best in the industry. That should make you proud. Really? Even though it probably costing you $10,000? Typical error rate for the top well managed franchises? Nearly 1 out of every 10.*

* QSR's Drive Thru Performance Study. Assumes drive thru PoS is similar to takeout and delivery orders.

Bonus Restaurant PoS is designed to minimize ticket entry mistakes and ensure ticket accuracy.

Zero Takeout and Delivery Errors

Bonus PoS Can Help You Achieve A Zero Percent Error Rate

It is in the realm of possibilities

Four months were spent on just reducing Bonus's Order entry errors

Now you can Text the Kitchen Ticket to the customer to confirm accuracy.

Another Bonus PoS Bonus: Accuracy

Text The Kitchen Ticket To The Customer For Confirmation

Manage Customer Expectations

Managing Expectations Creates Satisfied Customers

Do Not Raise Customers Expectations by giving an aggressive delivery time estimate.

This is a common problem. And Customer Expectations are already very high.

Domino's raised customer expectations with their 30 minutes or less or it's free.

Estimated delivery as time span. Then follow up with a Text Notification containing a dependable delivery time. Bonus PoS takes a multifaceted approach to manage expectations.

Another Bonus PoS Bonus: Text Notifications

Bonus PoS gives you today's minimum and maximum delivery times.

Bonus PoS Lets you know EXACTLY when a driver will be available.

This changes the game and gives the ability to take a much better approach.

Text Update Notifications

Keeping The Customer Informed

Law of Supply and Demand.

As you Supply Better Customer Service
You Create more Demand and
Increase Perceived Value.


Promotion involves the different tools that firms have to get consumers to buy more of their products, possibly at higher prices. Advertising is what we think of by default, but promotion also includes

in-store price promotions,
in-store demonstrations,
and premiums.

Another Bonus PoS Bonus: Marketing

SMS Text Marketing

The Highest Redemption Marketing Tool Available

Customer Retention

It is impossible to overstate the bottom-line benefits of creating loyal customers with whom a company can continue to do business rather than constantly trying to acquire new customers. Let's point to two key statistics that underscore this point:

A 5% increase in retention increases profits by 25-125%

Acquiring new customers can cost five times more than satisfying and retaining current customers

Research shows that 80% of people who do not receive good customer service do not complain. They simply take their business elsewhere.

Another Bonus PoS Bonus: Delivery Time Updates

With Your New SMS Texting System

Better Communications, Happier Customers

Reduce Phone Time 20%

Caller ID Saves 20%

"Within the factor of “Quality of Service,” the categories of “Speed of Service,” and “Cleanliness of Establishment” were influential to price...***"

*** A Cognitive Analysis of Customer Preferences", Chienkuo Technology University

Another Bonus PoS Bonus: Speed

Integrated Caller ID

From Your New Panasonic Phone System

Do NOT Compete on Price

Great Food, Mediocre Service

Or Great Service, Mediocre Food

The Winner: Great Service. Service wins over great tasting food.

People are complex. Even if they realize the quality of the food is not all that great, they will perceive the experience positive as long as there is Value and Great Customer Service.

"... only service quality and place/ambience had a positive relationship [with Customer Satisfaction]**"

"Food quality revealed an unsuspected result of a negative relationship. This result showed that although perception of customers towards food quality was low, their satisfaction was still high."**

The above came from the conclusion of a research paper that examined the results of 20+ other studies. It should be noted that Consistency in food quality and value (quality/price) was found to be relevant in customer satisfaction.

** "Influence of Service and Product Quality towards Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study at the Staff Cafeteria in the Hotel Industry", Dayang Nailul Munna Abang Abdullah, and Francine Rozario

Keep Smiling, Spread Enthusiasm

Your staff must have enthusiasm.
If you cannot create an enthusiastic atmosphere,
then pay your staff to be enthusiastic.

Number two, keep smiling. Keep your staff smiling. Train your staff to engage the customer. That does not mean "Have a nice day", or "How are you". It's asking open ended questions that let the customer know you remember them, and you care. Customers want you to care. You want them to feel comfortable and to regard you as the perfect host. So much so they can't wait to spend more money with you again.

Phone in customers are where the delivery and takeout industry has the most room for improvement. Enthusiasm of the CSR has the greatest effect on Customer Satisfaction.

Phoned in takeout and delivery metrics:

Number of Rings
Hold Time
Initial Greeting
Background Noise
Product Knowledge
Presentation of Product
Personalized Recommendations
noise and visual distraction

The most forgotten or over looked:

offering of condiments and flatware
poor greeting, fast talk and mumbling
order not repeated to the customer.

Service Attitude

Exhibit enthusiasm for the store and products
Competent execution of service conveying hospitality and graciousness
Communicating a sincere desire to be of service
Be ready with personal suggestions or recommendations
Mention New Menu items
Suggest complementary item, upgrades, or complete the meal
Upsell as with soups and salads, appetizers, side dishes, toppings, and meal deals, drinks and desserts

How much more does it cost to speak clearly on the phone? For the person taking the order to know your products? To be prepared with personal recommendations? Enthusiasm, graciousness, helpful, what does this cost? Your staff must have enthusiasm. If you cannot create an enthusiastic atmosphere, then pay your staff to be enthusiastic.

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